Bluestone Lending Services (BLS) is a leading provider of loan origination and servicing software to the lending industry in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.


Portfolio and Asset management services are provided to a range of stakeholders including financial product distributors, banks, bond investors, institutional fund investors and Trustees.  

These services include:
- Core Servicing (customer and loan administration)
- Special Servicing (collections and arrears management)
- Standby or Backup Servicing
- Trust Management (cash and bond administration)
- Property Management and Loan Resolution or Restructuring Strategies

Lending Services benefits from a state of the art technology platform that allows multiple portfolios and asset classes to be managed on a single platform.  The platform, known as Bluestone's Origination and Servicing System (BOSS), is specifically designed to accommodate the migration and boarding of multiple portfolios of loan receivables under a common IT infrastructure, which includes substantial disaster recovery and BCP resources.

Our highly experienced team of specialist servicing, collections and IT experts have a proven track record and expertise in assisting financial services businesses establish customised innovative lending programmes to extract value from new or existing operations.

Our customised ‘modular’ approach is an opportunity to quickly and seamlessly commence operations and generate new business inflows with minimal capital expenditure into marketing, distribution, technology and/or infrastructure while maintaining control over key business drivers.

Our customers include financial product distributors that want to create further brand value through a customised lending programme, an existing brand that may want diversification into lending or a financial institution requiring incremental market share through a unique distribution model.